Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a system for reducing the risk of safety hazards in food and its preparation. The system requires that potential hazards are recognised and controlled at points in the process. This includes chemical, physical and biological hazards.

Macintosh FSS has years of experience in helping catering operations enhance their Food Safety & HACCP systems, to make sure any activity in the kitchen reaches the required level of safety.

We work with organisations which may already have food safety systems in place but would like more advice and training, as well as others with no food safety procedures in place.

We provide a full Food Safety Solution, in which we offer training and simple practice tools. We also offer guidance on how to run a safer kitchen operation and effective staff training. 

Our full HACCP package includes:

  • Planned Maintenance Schedule

  • Supplier screening support

  • Employee Medical Screen

  • Cleaning Instruction

  • Training Record


There are many benefits of having a high-quality HACCP procedure put in place: 

  • Members of staff gain a thorough understanding of safety procedures

  • Saves your business money in the long run

  • Avoid customer complaints and ensuring the production of safe food

  • Improve food safety standards

  • Ensuring compliance with the law

  • Raising food quality standards

  • Organising your staff, promote teamwork and efficiency





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