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Ambatovy is one of the most ambitious industrial undertakings in the history of Madagascar, Africa, and the Indian Ocean Region as a whole. It will soon produce 60,000 tonnes of refined nickel and 5,600 tonnes of refined cobalt every year for the next three decades. 

Our consultant service provided independent advice and evaluated the bids from a number of leading international catering companies for the Catering, Housekeeping and Camp Services. Given the size of both the contract and the operation at the Ambatovy Project the client was keen to have an unbiased opinion of the responses from the catering company bidders.

The evaluation was carried out using weighted criteria and broken into three main sections: Commercial evaluation, Technical evaluation, and a Compliance check. Each section was also broken down by further criteria i.e. Price, Quality & Functionality – Catering. During the evaluation process, the Consultant carried out a number of international searches and credit reports for each bidder.

Once the evaluation had been completed, our Consultant provided the client with a detailed report of his findings, a number of graphs showing the scoring criteria for each bidder and clear recommendations. This report was then used by his client to help them award the Catering, Housekeeping and Camp Services to their preferred bidder.





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