Macintosh FSS offers a professional service to help with writing a business plan for any business or purpose in the foodservice sector. Whether it is an application for a Startup or Innovator Visa, it needs funding. It may be an existing business in the foodservice sector that needs a business plan to help growth.

Our consultants have worked with a range of organisations, helping us hone our skills in this service, so we can help hundreds of entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

Most people struggle to write a business plan, and most self-written business plans are not good enough to get funding, but we are here to help!

Our business plans are tailored to your goals and include market research, competitor analysis and financial projections.

Business Recovery
Our skilled Consultants specialise in strategic business rescue and recovery for all companies and organisations in the foodservice industry.

If your business is having cash-flow problems, approaching insolvency, or you could use some immediate advice on how to handle debt or business restructuring in the best possible way, give us a call to find out how we can help.

From small, family-run organisations to major multinationals, our team can help under-performing businesses, and also those with problems. Our job is to understand and help you solve.


Options Appraisal
An options appraisal provides the opportunity for our consultants to help any size of business. With an options appraisal stage, this allows us to present possible different delivery model options to be explored and evaluated. This allows us to discover several options and pathways to help your business in the future, and most importantly choosing the correct option to benefit and help the business.

An options appraisal can be helpful in the following ways:

  • It provides a clear outcome by identifying a preferred model of delivery, which can then be developed in greater detail.

  • The process can be used to engage with key stakeholders and identify priorities from their perspective

  • It can be used to find the right way forward for a business or organisation.





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